Regulatory Reform Committee press notice 13 (2002-03)

2002-03 1 April 2003


The Government laid this draft order before Parliament on 17 March 2003, under the procedure laid down by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.  The Committee have already reported on the proposal for this order.  The draft order would repeal section 68 of the Food Act 1984, thereby:

•    relieving the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the duty to prepare an annual research programme into sugar beet, and

•   removing the Secretary of State's power by order to provide for carrying any such programme into effect.

In accordance with its Standing Order, the Committee has considered this draft order and has recommended unanimously to the House that it be approved.  The Committee was not satisfied that the Department's explanatory statement, laid with the draft order, elucidated the object of the draft order in terms of section 1(1) of the Regulatory Reform Act.  Nevertheless, the Committee was content for the draft order to be approved, on the basis of the Committee's analysis of the burden that the draft order would remove, if made, as set out in its previous report on the proposal for the draft order.

The Committee took this opportunity to indicate to government departments that it finds it helpful if the explanatory statement positively demonstrates that the department concerned has considered the points raised in the Committee's earlier report, if any.  In such cases, the Committee would welcome the inclusion in the explanatory statement of some comment additional to a summary of the findings of its previous report.

The Committee's full report will be published as its Eleventh Report of the current Session, HC 591, at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 2 April.  The report will be available from all Stationery Office outlets.  It will also be available on the Committee's publications website ( drghome.htm) from 3.30pm on the day of publication.

Further information about the Committee's work can be found on the Committee's website at

Notes for Editors

The Regulatory Reform Committee has the task of examining and reporting to the House on every document containing proposals laid before the House under section 6, and every draft order proposed to be made under section 1, of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001. The Committee also oversees the operation of the regulatory reform procedure.

The Members of the Committee are:

Mr Peter Pike (Labour, Burnley) (Chairman), Mr Russell Brown (Labour, Dumfries), Brian Cotter (Liberal Democrat, Weston-Super-Mare), Mr Jeffrey M. Donaldson (Ulster Unionist Party, Lagan Valley ), Mr Paul Goodman (Conservative, Wycombe), Mr Dai Havard (Labour, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney), Mr Mark Lazarowicz (Labour, Edinburgh North and Leith), Andy King (Labour, Rugby and Kenilworth), Mr Andrew Love (Labour/Co-op, Edmonton), Mr John MacDougall (Labour, Central Fife), Chris Mole (Labour, Ipswich), Mr Denis Murphy (Labour, Wansbeck), Dr Doug Naysmith (Labour/Co-op, Bristol North West), Andrew Rosindell (Conservative, Romford),  Mr Anthony Steen (Conservative, Totnes), and Brian White (Labour, Milton Keynes North East). 

For further information on the work of the Committee, contact Martyn Atkins, Clerk of the Committee (020 7219 2830; or see the Committee's website ( regulatory_reform_committee.cfm).