Regulatory Reform Committee

Session 2002-03        19 March 2003

Proposal for the Regulatory Reform (British Waterways Board) Order 2003

The Government laid this proposal before Parliament on 13 January 2003, under the procedure laid down by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.  The proposed order would amend the Transport Act 1962 and the Transport Act 1968 by adding to and clarifying the British Waterways Board's statutory powers, which would enable the Water Grid public/private partnership to be implemented.  The Committee considered this proposal in accordance with the criteria laid down in the Committee's Standing Order.

The Committee has reported to the House that a draft order in the same terms as the proposal should be laid before the House.  The Committee has commented on the apparent lack of opportunity for interested environmental groups to raise concerns about the Water Grid PPP project at its planning stages.  It considers that government departments contemplating similar projects could take a useful lesson from the outcome of its consideration of this particular process. 

The Committee's full report will be published as its Ninth Report of the current Session, HC 521, at 2.00 pm on Thursday 20 March. The report will be available from all Stationery Office outlets. It will also be available on the Committee's website  from 3.30pm on the day of publication.