Regulatory Reform Committee

Session 2002-03        11 March 2003

Draft Regulatory Reform (Housing Management Agreements) Order 2003

On 24 February 2003 the Government laid before Parliament the Draft Regulatory Reform (Housing Management Agreements) Order 2003 under the procedure laid down by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.

This draft order would amend section 27 of the Housing Act 1985 (the 1985 Act) so as to reduce the current burden on local authorities concerning the circumstances in which they can delegate their housing management functions.  Specifically, it would allow persons or contractors to whom those functions are delegated by local housing authorities to sub-delegate those functions. Such arrangements would allow local authorities more flexibility in performing their duties in respect of housing management.

In accordance with its Standing Order, the Committee has considered this order and has recommended unanimously to the House that the order be approved.

The Committee's full report will be published as its Eighth Report of the current Session, HC 520, at 2.00 pm on Wednesday 12 March. The report will be available from all Stationery Office outlets. It will also be available on the Committee's website  from 3.30pm on the day of publication.