Quadripartite Committee: Formal Minutes


The Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry Committees met concurrently, pursuant to Standing Order No. 137A.

Members present:

Defence Committee
Mr David S Borrow
Mr David Crausby
Linda Gilroy
Robert Key

Foreign Affairs Committee
Mike Gapes
Mr Paul Keetch
Sandra Osborne
Sir John Stanley

International Development Committee
Malcolm Bruce
Richard Burden

Trade and Industry Committee
Roger Berry
Mr Lindsay Hoyle
Peter Luff
Judy Mallaber

1. Roger Berry was called to the Chair in accordance with Standing Order No. 137A(1)(d).

2. The Committees deliberated in accordance with Standing Order No. 137A(1)(b)

3. Strategic Export Controls

Mr David Hayes, Rolls-Royce plc and the Export Group for Aerospace and Defence,  Mr Derek Marshall, Society of British Aerospace Companies, Ms Bernadette Peers, Strategic Shipping Company Ltd, Mr Brinley Salzmann, Defence Manufacturers Association, Mr David Wilson, EDS Defence Ltd; and Mr Roy Isbister, Saferworld, Mr Oliver Sprague, Oxfam, and Mr Mark Thomas gave oral evidence.

  [Defence Committee Adjourned till Tuesday 7 February at Ten o’clock
Foreign Affairs Committee Adjourned till Wednesday 1 February at Two o’clock
International Development Committee Adjourned till Tuesday 14 February at Four o’clock
Trade and Industry Committee Adjourned till Monday 6 February at Four o’clock]