Committees on Arms Export Controls

Following the Dissolution of Parliament on 12th April, all select committees have ceased to exist unless or until the House renominates them following the election on 6th May. There are no chairs or members of committees. The information on these pages refers to committees and their work before Parliament was dissolved. If there are committee Reports to which Government Responses are outstanding, these may be responded to in the next Parliament.Welcome to the website of the Committees on Arms Export Controls.

The Committees on Arms Export Controls consist of four select committees meeting and working together: Business, Innovation and Skills; Defence; Foreign Affairs; and International Development Committees.

The Committeess on Arms Export Controls have worked together since 1999 to examine the Government's expenditure, administration and policy on strategic exports, that is the licensing of arms exports and other controlled goods. The four committees work together because each has an interest in arms exports. Each Committee nominates four members, though any Member of the four committees can attend.

We work principally by undertaking a single inquiry each year which typically examines exports over the preceding year and developments in export policy.

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What's New

  • 30 March 2010: The Committee has published its First Joint Report: Scrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2010):UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2008, Quarterly Reports for 2009, licencing policy and review of export legislation. See Report and Chair's Comments.