Public Administration Select Committee: Inquiry


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On 28 July 2006 PASC launched an inquiry - 'Skills for Government'-which will examine the capability of the civil service to reform its role effectively. It will also look at the skills required by ministers.

The Committee will be asking whether the right mechanisms of recruitment, training and career development are in place. The effectiveness of the Cabinet Office fulfilling its core function of 'Strengthening the Civil Service' will also be considered. The inquiry follows PASC's recent work on the way the relationship between politics and administration affects the design and delivery of modern public services.

In particular, the Inquiry will consider:

  • Whether the first round of Capability Reviews carried out by the Cabinet Office been successful in identifying successes and failures within departments, and recommending action for change?

  • If the right incentive structures and targeted performance management programmes exist to encourage a culture of excellence within the civil service?

  • Whether the Civil Service recruitment strategy relates to the skills needed within the civil service?

  • If leadership within the Civil Service is of particular importance and whether the current perceptions of a lack of leadership of particular concern?

  • If the skills needed by ministers are being effectively cultivated?

For details of the inquiry please see the Issues and Questions paper

Minutes of Evidence:

Thursday 14 December 2006, Corrected transcript
Witnesses: Rt Hon Charles Clarke, a Member of the House, Rt Hon Nick Raynsford, a Member of the House, and Baroness Shephard of Northwold, a Member of the House of Lords

Thursday 7 December 2006, Corrected transcript
Witnesses:Professor Colin Talbot, Chair of Public Policy and Management, Manchester Business School, and Mr David Walker, Editor, Public magazine.

Thursday 30 November 2006, Corrected transcript
Witnesses: Mr Hugh Lanning, Deputy General Secretary, PCS; Mr Martin Furlong, National Officer, FDA; and Ms Sue Ferns, Head of Research and Specialist Services, Prospect .

Thursday 12 October 2006, Corrected transcript
Witnesses: Ms Gill Rider, Director General, Leadership and People Strategy, and Ms Anne Marie-Lawlor, Director of Leadership Development, Corporate Development Group, Cabinet Office

Press Notices:

6 August 2007
PASC calls for "NAO for the Civil Service"

11 December 2006
Clarke, Raynsford and Shephard to give evidence

5 December 2006
PASC to take evidence from experts on Skills for Government

29 November 2006
PASC to take evidence from Civil Service Unions

9 October 2006
PASC to take first evidence on Civil Service Skills

28 July 2006
PASC launches inquiry into civil service capability