PASC PN.15 03-04

Session 2003-04

Press Notice No. 15


Committee announces May programme

PASC-the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee-today announced a May programme of meetings packed with evidence from leading political and legal figures.

The month's first witness, at 2.30 pm on Tuesday 11 May, is Alastair Campbell, formerly Director of Communications at Number Ten Downing Street, who will give evidence on government communications. On Thursday that week, 13 May at 10 am, the Committee will hear from Lord Hutton on the question of "government by inquiry", the first of a series of evidence sessions on that subject which will also include a meeting with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Falconer, at 3.30 pm on 25 May. The Committee will take evidence on the same topic at 9.45 am on 27 May from a panel including former Chancellor of the Exchequer Lord Howe, Lord Norton of Louth and Professor Jeffrey Jowell of University College London.

In the final session of its inquiry into the honours system, the Committee will take evidence from former Prime Minister John Major at 10.00 am on 20 May. 

Sessions will normally take place in Portcullis House, London SW1.

* * * * *

For further information please telephone Philip Aylett, Clerk of the Committee on 020 7219 3498.  Tony Wright may be contacted for press inquiries on 020 7219 5583

Publications and evidence, including uncorrected evidence, is also available on the Internet at

For information regarding forthcoming meetings including venues and times please call the House of Commons Committee Information Line on 020 7219 2033 (updated daily).