Public Administration Select Committee

Official Statistics

2011 Census Questions

Thursday 19 November 2009, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: David Darton, Keith Dugmore and Professor Philip Rees; Jil Matheson and Glen Watson

2011 Census

Thursday 25 June 2009, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: Dame Karen Dunnell, Glenn Watson and Graham Emmons

Publication of Migration and Workforce Statistics

Thursday 26 March 2009, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: Phil Woolas MP and Jonathan Sedgwick; Lord Rowe-Beddoe, Mr Richard Alldritt and Karen Dunnell

Publication of Statistics relating to Knife Crime

Thursday 5 February 2009, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: Sir Michael Scholar, KCB, Chair of the UK Statistics Authority, Karen Dunnell, National Statistician, and Kevin Brennan MP, Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office.


Thursday 20 November 2008, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: Sir Michael Scholar, KCB, Chairman, and Mr Richard Alldritt, Head of Assessment, UK Statistics Authority, and Ms Karen Dunnell, National Statistician and Chief Executive of the Office for National Statistics.

Thursday 10 July 2008, Corrected Transcript
Witnesses: Mr Michael Fallon MP, Chairman, Treasury Sub-Committee; Mr Simon Briscoe, Statistics Editor, Financial Times; and Ms Jill Leyland, Chair, RSS National Statistics Working Party

Press Notice:

17 November 2009
PASC to ask questions on census questions

23 June 2009:
PASC to hold hearing on preparations for the 2011 Census

24 March 2009:
PASC to examine lessons of migration statistics dispute

5 March 2009:
PASC publishes knife crime statistics emails

3 February 2009:
PASC to examine lessons of knife crime statistics dispute

17 November 2008:
PASC to begin public scrutiny of UK Statistics Authority

8 July 2008:
PASC to hold first evidence session on Official Statistics