PASC 03-04 PN.11

Session 2003-04

Press Notice No.11


In a report out today, PASC-the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee-sets out a range of concerns about the quality of Ministers' answers to MPs' written Parliamentary Questions.

The report says that Parliamentary Questions are "one of the most important instruments of Ministerial accountability to the House". Among the shortcomings raised in the report (HC 355) are:

• Standard ministerial replies which fail to answer the Question

• Variations in departments' guidance about how to answer Questions

• Delays of up to six months in providing replies

• Cases where Members' Parliamentary Questions are treated less favourably than public requests for information

Among other things, the Committee recommends that the Cabinet Office should regularly audit departments to make sure they are providing consistent guidance to ministers and officials on Questions.

Despite these difficulties, the Committee accepts that for government "in recent years the presumption has changed significantly in favour of openness", and it welcomes the Freedom of Information Act, which  should "further encourage a cultural shift towards greater openness and transparency for the benefit of both citizens and their elected representatives".

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