PASC 03-04 PN.08

Session 2003-04

Press Notice No. 08


 Issues and questions paper published

PASC - the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee - today asks the public to give its views on the honours system. In a paper issued for consultation as part of its major inquiry into honours, the Committee poses  a number of fundamental  questions about what the system is for and how well it works.

The Committee's 34 questions include:

• Does the United Kingdom need an honours system at all ?

• What should the main function of an honours system be - to recognise distinction, to reward service, to pay tribute to those who best represent the nation's values, or something else ?

• Is the honours system a motivating or demotivating force for public servants ?

• Should there be more openness about the process by which recommendations for honours are produced ?

Responses to the  Issues and Questions Paper should be submitted by 2 April.

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For further information please telephone Philip Aylett, Clerk of the Committee on 020 7219 3498.  Tony Wright may be contacted for press inquiries on 020 7219 5583

Publications and evidence, including uncorrected evidence, is also available on the Internet at 

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