Press Notice

PN8, October 2006


Consideration of the National Audit Office's draft Supplementary Estimate for 2006-07

The Public Accounts Commission will hold the following evidence session:

Tuesday 31 October, 11.00am (private) 11.15 (public) in Room 7 at the House of Commons

Witness: The National Audit Office

Subject: Consideration of the NAO's draft Supplementary Estimate for 2006-07.

CONTACT FOR THE COMMISSION: The Secretary of the Commission may be contacted on 020 7219 6257.

NOTE FOR EDITORS: The Commission is appointed under the National Audit Act 1983 to oversee, and, if satisfied, lay before the House of Commons, the annual Estimates for the National Audit Office. It also examines once a year the NAO's Corporate Plan, which covers a three year period.

The Commission Members are:- Rt Hon Alan Williams (Chairman) (Labour, Swansea West), Mr Richard Bacon (Conservative, Norfolk South) Rt Hon Jack Straw (Labour, Blackburn), Mr Edward Leigh (Conservative, Gainsborough), Dr William McCrea (DUP, South Antrim) Mr John McFall (Labour, West Dunbartonshire),Mr Austin Mitchell (Labour, Great Grimsby), Dr Nick Palmer (Labour, Broxtowe) Mr Andrew Tyrie (Conservative, Chichester).

[Note: The decision of the Commission to meet in public may be rescinded without notice]