Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 16 December 2008

Members of the Commission present:

Mr Alan Williams in the Chair
Mr Richard Bacon
Mr John McFall
Mr Austin Mitchell
Mr Andrew Tyrie

Apologies: Mr Edward Leigh.

In attendance: Michael Carpenter, Speaker's Counsel (for item 1), Tim Burr, C&AG, Gabrielle Cohen, NAO, Paula Diggle, HM Treasury.

1. NAO's corporate governance: Government's draft clauses

On the two outstanding issues, the Commission agreed that the C&AG's pay should be linked to that of the Lord Chief Justice; and it agreed that the period during which a former C&AG should be prohibited from taking employment which is in the gift of the Government or in a body which by statute is audited by the NAO should be five years. The Commission indicated that, on all other matters, it was content with the Government's draft clauses.

2. Reappointment of the NAO's external auditors

The Commission reappointed Tenon as the NAO's external auditors for a further year to follow the end of the current three-year period in June 2009.

3. Reporting of written evidence submitted to the Tiner review

It was agreed to report to the House for placing in the Library and Parliamentary Archives the written evidence submitted to John Tiner's review of the NAO's corporate governance.

4. External auditor's value for money audit of the NAO

The Commission endorsed the C&AG's proposal that the next annual value for money audit of the NAO should cover the refurbishment project.

(Secretary to the Public Accounts Commission)