Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 15 July 2008

Members of the Commission present:

Mr Alan Williams in the Chair
Mr Richard Bacon
Mr Austin Mitchell
Mr Edward Leigh
Mr Andrew Tyrie
Dr William McCrea

Apologies: Mr John McFall, Dr Nick Palmer.

In attendance: Mr Tim Burr, C&AG (for both items), Gabrielle Cohen and Laura Brackwell, NAO (for first item), and Paula Diggle, Treasury (for second item).

1. Corporate governance of the NAO: draft clauses implementing Commission's proposals

The Commission considered a paper from the NAO setting out how the Commission's proposals could be implemented, together with draft clauses prepared by the National Audit Office and draft Explanatory Notes on the clauses.

The Commission amended and agreed the Chairman's draft report, to be published as its Sixteenth Report, and appended to it the NAO paper, the draft clauses and the draft Explanatory Notes.

2. Appointment process for the C&AG and NAO Chairman

In the light of the decision to publish the draft clauses, the Commission agreed that:

€ In its view the process of appointing the NAO Chairman and C&AG should begin in the autumn;

€ It would be appropriate for the process to be funded through the NAO's Vote.

(Secretary to the Public Accounts Commission)