Public Accounts Commission Formal Minutes

Minutes of Meeting on Tuesday 5 February 2008

Members of the Commission present:

Mr Alan Williams in the Chair
Mr Richard Bacon
Mr John McFall
Mr Edward Leigh
Mr Austin Mitchell
Mr Andrew Tyrie

Apologies: Mr Nick Palmer

In attendance for item 1: Mr John Tiner, Mr Tim Burr, C & AG, Gabrielle Cohen, NAO

1. Review of the Corporate Governance of the NAO (14th report)

Mr John Tiner introduced his review.

The Commission discussed the review.

The Commission agreed its 14th report and agreed to publish the review as an appendix to that report. The Commission agreed to meet on a date in February to be determined by the Chairman to discuss its response to the review.

2. Accounting Officer for the NAO

The Commission appointed Mr Tim Burr, C & AG, as Accounting Officer for the NAO, with effect from 1 February 2008.

Secretary to the Public Accounts Commission