Procedure Committee Press Notices 2003-04

Date Inquiry Announcement
10.11.04Petitions Report/Sub Judice inquiry Publication of Report/new inquiry
20.10.04Programming of Legislation Publication of Government Response
08.07.04Programming of Legislation Publication of Report
19.05.04Special Reports Publication of two Special Reports
06.05.04Joint activities with the National Assembly for Wales Publication of Report
05.05.04Programming of Legislation/Estimates and Appropriation Procedure Evidence session/publication of Report
01.04.04Programming of Legislation Public oral evidence session
25.03.04Sitting Hours Questionnaire Publication of Report
04.03.04Programming of Legislation Public oral evidence session
26.02.04Estimates and Appropriation Procedure Publication of Report
05.02.04Programming of Legislation Public oral evidence session
15.01.04Programming of Legislation Request for written evidence
11.12.03Programming of Legislation New inquiry and future programme