Procedure Committee

Session 2003-04          11 December 2003

Press Notice No. 1


The Procedure Committee has decided to hold an inquiry into the programming of legislation. This will build on the recent report by the Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons on this subject (First Report, 2002-03, HC 1222), and the Procedure Committee expects to take oral evidence in the new year.


The Committee has decided to assess the strength of opinion in the House on whether the experimental earlier sitting hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays should continue (they have been in force since the start of 2003 and will continue until the end of the current Parliament, unless the House decides otherwise).  The Committee plans to circulate a questionnaire to Members early in the new year, following which it will consider whether to conduct a fuller inquiry.


As announced earlier in the year, the Committee proposes to return to the subject of Delegated Legislation in due course.  The Committee expects to do so later in 2004, when it will be able to take account of the experience of the House of Lords with the committee which it is currently setting up to consider which statutory instruments merit debate.