Procom 04/07/08

Session 2003-04 No. 11

8 July 2004


The Procedure Committee's Report Programming of Legislation will be published as the Fourth Report of Session 2003-04, HC 325, at 11 a.m. on Wednesday 14 July.

There will be no advance copies and no press conference.

Copies of the Report will be placed in the Press Gallery at the time of publication and may be purchased in The Stationery Office Bookshops or ordered from The Stationery Office by telephone (08457 023474). The Report will also be made available on the Internet ( on the day of publication.

The Report examines the system of Programming of Legislation introduced in 2000 and modified in 2001. The Committee has taken evidence from Members of Parliament and also from the Clerk of the House of Commons and his colleagues. (This evidence is already available on the Committee's website at the address above, and will be included with the Report.)