Procedure Committee

Session 2002-03  28 February 2003

Oral Evidence Session: Procedures for debates and private Members' bills, and the powers of the Speaker

The following oral evidence session has been arranged:




Wed 5 March


Mr Tam Dalyell MP

Wilson Room,


Sir Patrick Cormack MP

Portcullis House


Dr Richard Taylor MP



Peter Bradley MP




The meeting will take place in public in Portcullis House (Entrance: Victoria Embankment) at 2.15 pm.  Those attending should check the room on arrival.

Topics which the Committee plans to cover in this inquiry (but not necessarily every topic with every set of witnesses) include:

• Lists of speakers in debates (whether they should be published, and conventions about which Members are called and when, including that of calling Members from alternate sides)

• Printing undelivered speeches in the Official Report

• Private Members' Bills: procedures and the time made available for debates on them

• The Speaker's role in the recall of the House

• The rights of opposition and backbenchers in initiating debates.

• The Royal Prerogative as it affects Parliamentary procedure.