Procedure Committee

4 January 2008 No. 3

E-Petitions E-Consultation

In November 2007 the House of Commons Procedure Committee launched an inquiry into e-petitions. The Committee is now launching an e-consultation as part of the inquiry. The web address for the consultation site is:

The House of Commons has given its support in principle to an e-petitions scheme with the following key elements:

€Members should be engaged with e-petitions as they are with written petitions;

€e-petitions should be open for the addition of e-signatures for a certain period before formal presentation;

€once presented they should have the same status as written petitions.

The e-consultation will let the public give their views on e-petitioning. The Committee wants to know whether people would use an e-petitioning system and, if so, what they would expect from it.

The forum will run until Friday 18 February 2008. After that, contributions will be taken into account with the other evidence received during the inquiry, as the Committee considers its final conclusions. We hope to publish our report before Easter. The Government will then have to respond to the recommendations we make.

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