Procedure Committee

Session 2006-07 No 3 15 January 2007


The House of Commons Procedure Committee will hold the first public evidence session in connection with its inquiry into public petitions as follows:

Wednesday 17 January, 3:00pm, Committee Room 18, Witnesses: Michael Jabez Foster MP, Mr David Heath MP, and Bob Spink MP

An uncorrected version of the transcript will appear on these pages within about a week of the date of the session.

Likely topics of discussion are:

€How could changes to public petition procedure improve communication between the public and Parliament? Do petitioners receive sufficient feedback after their petition has been presented?

€Should there be a committee on the merits of public petitions? What would be its remit and powers? Would it replace the presentation of petitions in the Chamber?

€How would any changes to procedure reflect the interests of individual Members of Parliament and their role in the petitioning process?

€Could Departmental Select Committees be more involved in the petitioning process?

€Could debates be held in Parliament on public petitions?

€Should the House of Commons accept petitions signed electronically? If so, what would be the appropriate procedure?

€Are the current rules on admissibility and orderliness of public petitions appropriate?

As Committee Rooms are liable to change, those attending are advised to check the room location on arrival. The Committee Office recorded information line (020 7219 2033) provides details of select and standing committee meetings being held within the next two days. Guidance for those wishing to attend select committee meetings held in public can be found on these pages.