Procedure Committee

14 January 2008 No. 4

Evidence sessions: e-Petitions

The House of Commons Procedure Committee will hold public evidence sessions on its inquiry into e-petitions as follows:

Wednesday 16 January at 2.45pm, Committee Room 21, Upper Committee Corridor

Witnesses: Tom Loosemore, Digital Media Adviser and Tom Steinberg, Founder and Director, mySociety

Wednesday 30 January at 2.45pm, Committee Room 20, Upper Committee Corridor

Witnesses: Professor Jonathan Drori CBE, Director, Changing Media Ltd, Peter Riddell and Laura Miller, Hansard Society, and Kathy Buckner and Ella Taylor-Smith, International Teledemocracy Centre, Napier University

On 4 January the Committee launched an e-consultation as part of the inquiry. This e-consultation aims to gather the views of the public and all interested parties. The Committee wants to know whether people would use an e-petitioning system and, if so, what they would expect from it. The web address for the consultation is:

The forum will run until Friday 18 February 2008.

The inquiry follows up recommendations made in the Committee's Report into Public Petitions and Early Motions, published on 22 May as HC 513 and the Government Response, Cm 7193, published on 26 July.

The Committee will be considering in particular:

€The form in which the link between an e-petition and an MP should be retained;

€How the public should engage with an e-petition system;

€What changes to the House's rules in respect of petitions may be needed in relation to e-petitions;

€What part e-petitions have to play in the House's wider objective to improve how it connects with the public.

An uncorrected transcript of the evidence sessions will appear on these pages within about a week of the date of the session. A transcript of the session on 28 November is available on these pages.

As Committee Rooms are liable to change, those attending are advised to check the room location on arrival. Guidance for those wishing to attend select committee meetings held in public can be found on these pages.


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