Formal Minutes

Tuesday 8th November 2005

Members present:

Sir Nicholas Winterton, in the Chair

Mr David Anderson, Ms Katy Clark, Mr David Gauke, Andrew Gwynne, Mr Eric Illsley, Mrs Siân C. James, Mr Greg Knight, Rosemary McKenna, Sir Robert Smith

1. Appointment of Chairman

Resolved, That, with effect from Wednesday 9 November 2005, Mr Greg Knight take the Chair of the Committee in the place of Sir Nicholas Winterton.€”( Rosemary McKenna.)

Resolved, That the Committee records its gratitude to Sir Nicholas Winterton for his distinguished chairmanship of the Procedure Committee.€”( Mr Greg Knight.)

2. The Committee's programme of work

The Committee considered this matter.

[Adjourned till a date and time to be fixed by the Chairman.