Procedure Committee

26 July 2006 Session 2005-06 No. 12

Publication of Second Report


The House of Commons Procedure Committee will publish its Second Report of Session 2005-06, Application of the sub judice rule to proceedings in coroners' courts, HC 714, on Tuesday 22 August at 11am, together with the oral and written evidence and the Minutes of Proceedings relating to the Report.

The Chairman will be available for interviews on the day of publication by contacting the Committee on 0207 219 3320. However, embargoed copies will not be available and there will not be a press conference.

In April 2005, at the close of the last Parliament, the then Procedure Committee published a report on the operation of the sub judice rule (HC 125). The present Committee received representations that the application of the sub judice rule to coroners' courts can pose serious difficulties, particularly for select committees, because proceedings can be opened and then adjourned for a significant period. This Report results from the Committee's inquiry into the ways in which the sub judice rule specifically applies to proceedings in coroners' courts.

Enquiries relating to the publication of this Report should be directed to Dr Sue Griffiths, Second Clerk, on 0207 219 3310.

Copies of the Report will be placed in the Press Gallery at the time of publication and may be purchased in The Stationery Office Bookshops or ordered from The Stationery Office by telephone (08457 023474). The Report will also be made available on these pages on the day of publication.