Procedure Committee

12 June 2006 Session 2005-06 No 10

Application of the sub judice rule to proceedings in coroners' courts

The House of Commons Procedure Committee will hold a public evidence session, postponed from 25 April, in connection with its inquiry into the Application of the sub judice rule to proceedings in coroners' courts as follows:

Wednesday 21 June at 2.45pm, Committee Room 20, Upper Committee Corridor. Witnesses: Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith QC, Attorney General; Mr Roger Sands, Clerk of the House, and Mr Robert Rogers, Principal Clerk, Table Office, House of Commons (at 3.30pm).

An uncorrected version of the transcript will appear on the Committee's website within about a week of the date of the session.

This is the second public evidence session for this inquiry. The previous session was on 29 November when the Committee heard evidence from Rt Hon John Denham MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee, and Dr Robin James, Clerk of the Home Affairs Committee; and Ms Sally Keeble MP (the transcript of this session is available on these pages).

As Committee Rooms are liable to change, those attending are advised to check the room location on arrival. The Committee Office recorded information line (020 7219 2033) provides details of select and standing committee meetings being held within the next two days. Guidance for those wishing to attend select committee meetings held in public can be found on these pages.