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Is there a future for Regional Government?

Is there a future for Regional Government?

Terms of Reference:

In the light of the ‘no’ vote in the North East devolution referendum on 4 November 2004, the Committee has decided to examine issues relating to regional government, including:

• the potential for increasing the accountability of decision-making at the regional and sub-regional level, and the need to simplify existing arrangements;

• the potential for devolution of powers from regional to local level;

• the effectiveness of current arrangements for managing services at the various levels, and their inter-relationships;

• the potential for new arrangements, particularly the establishment of city regions;

• the impact which new regional and sub-regional arrangements, such as the city regions, might have upon peripheral towns and cities; and

• the desirability of closer inter-regional co-operation (as in the Northern Way) to tackle economic  disparities.


HC 352-I - The Committee published its Fourth Report of Session 2006-07 for its inquiry, Is there a future for Regional Government? on Wednesday 14 March 2007.

Written Evidence:

Is there a future for Regional Government?: Written Evidence, HC 977-II published on 15 March 2006 html or pdf

Oral and supplementary written evidence:

Is there a future for Regional Government?: Oral and supplementary written evidence, HC 352-II published on 14 March 2007 pdf

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