Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Formal Minutes

Tuesday 27 June 2006

Dr Phyllis Starkey, in the Chair

Members present:

Sir Paul Beresford

Mr Clive Betts

Lyn Brown

Mr John Cummings

Mr Greg Hands

Anne Main

Mr Bill Olner

Dr John Pugh

Alison Seabeck

Oral Evidence Session for the Coastal Towns inquiry

Mr Steve Vinson, Head of Economic & Community Services and Mrs Kaja Curry, Tourism Development Manager, Caradon District Council;

Paul Bellotti, Forward Planning Manager and Sue Lang, Principal Regeneration Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council;

Peter Coe, Head of Regeneration, District of Easington Council;

Adam Bates, Head of Tourism,  Brighton & Hove City Council;

Steve Weaver, Chief Executive, Blackpool Borough Council;

Dr Robin McInnes OBE, Coastal Manager and Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet Member for Environment, Planning and Transport, Isle of Wight Council;

Jamie Merrick, Director of Sustainable Communities, East of England Development Agency (EEDA);

Paul Lovejoy, Executive Director, Strategy & Sustainability, South East England Development Agency (SEEDA);

Ian Wray, Head of Planning, Transport and Housing, North West Regional Development Agency (NWRDA); and

Ian Thompson, Director of Operations (North), South West of England Regional Development Agency (SWRDA); gave oral evidence.

 [Adjourned till Tuesday 4 July at twenty past Four o’clock.