Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Formal Minutes

Monday 8 May 2006

Members present:

Mr Clive Betts

John Cummings

Mr Bill Olner

John Pugh

 In the absence of the Chairman, Mr Clive Betts was called to the Chair.

Habitat III - World Urban Forum

Agreed, to conduct a joint evidence session with the International Development Committee in the autumn, exploring the outcomes of the World Urban Forum (taking place in Vancouver in June). 

Oral Evidence Session for the inquiry into the Planning Gain Supplement

John Calcutt, Chief Executive; Trevor Beattie, Corporate Strategy Director; and Dennis Horne, Chief Operating Officer, English Partnerships; and

Brigid Simmons, Chief Executive, Business in Sport and Leisure; gave oral evidence.

 [Adjourned till Tuesday 9 May at a twenty past Four o’clock.