Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Formal Minutes

Tuesday 6 December 2005

Members present:

Dr Phyllis Starkey, in the Chair

Clive Betts

Martin Horwood

Anne Main

Dr John Pugh

The Committee deliberated.

The Committee’s programme of work (choice of inquiries)

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into Is there a future for Regional Government?

Resolved, That the Committee inquire into Coastal Towns.

Evidence session on Affordability and the Supply of Housing

Alan Clarke, Chief Executive, ONE Northeast and James A Cruddas, Head of Sustainable Communities, the Northern Way; gave oral evidence;

Steve Forrest, Strategic Advisor - Housing, Steve Gregory, Executive Director - Urban Regeneration and Colin Davis, Strategic Director - Operational Services ,Malvern Hills District Council, West Midlands Regional Assembly; gave oral evidence;

Ken Jones, Head of Housing Strategic Development, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham; gave oral evidence; and

Neil Sinden, Policy Director; Henry Oliver, Head of Planning and Local Government, and Kate Gordon, Planning Officer, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), gave oral evidence.

 [Adjourned till Monday 12 December at ten past Four o’clock.