Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Affordability and the Supply of Housing

Affordability and the Supply of Housing

Terms of Reference:

The Committee has resolved to carry out an inquiry into affordability and the supply of housing, with particular reference to the following issues:

• The potential benefits of and scope to promote greater homeownership

• The extent to which home purchase tackles social and economic inequalities and reduces poverty

• The economic and social impact of current house prices

• The relationship between house prices and housing supply

• Other factors influencing the affordability of housing for sale including construction methods and fiscal measures

• The scale of the Government’s plans to boost housing supply

• The relative importance of increasing the supply of private housing as opposed to subsidised housing

• How the planning system should respond to the demand  for housing for sale

• The scale of housing development required to influence house prices  and the impact of promoting such a programme on the natural and historical environment and infrastructure provision

• The regional disparities in the supply and demand for housing and how they might be tackled.


Affordability and the Supply of Housing: Report together with formal minutes, HC 703-I published on 20 June 2006

Government Response:

The Government Response to the Committee's Report on the Affordability and the Supply of Housing was published on 29th September 2006 as Cm 6912

Written Evidence:

Affordability and the Supply of Housing: Oral and Written Evidence, HC 703-II published on 20 March 2006

Oral Evidence:

16 January 2006, HC 703-iv

Witnesses: Mr Peter Dixon, Chairman, Housing Corporation and Ms Margaret Ford, Chairman, English Partnerships; Yvette Cooper, a Member of the House, Minister for Housing and Planning, and Mr Andrew Wells, Director, Communities Plan Directorate, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

12 December 2005, HC 703-iii

Witnesses: Keith Mitchell, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council and Chairman of South East County Leaders,  Nick Skellet, Leader of Surrey County Council, and Bill Brisbane, Managing Partner, Roger Tym & Partners, South East County Leaders Group; Dr Hugh Ellis, Planning Adviser, and Simon Bullock, Researcher, Friends of the Earth; Ines Newman, Head of Policy, Janet Sillett, Policy Officer, Local Government Information Unit, Adam Sampson, Director, and Patrick South, Director of Policy, Shelter; Alan Benson, Head of Housing and Homelessness, Greater London Authority

6 December 2005, HC 703-ii

Witnesses: Alan Clarke, Chief Executive, ONE Northeast and James A Cruddas, Head of Sustainable Communities, the Northern Way; Steve Forrest, Strategic Advisor - Housing, Steve Gregory, Executive Director - Urban Regeneration and Colin Davis, Strategic Director - Operational Services ,Malvern Hills District Council, West Midlands Regional Assembly; Ken Jones, Head of Housing Strategic Development, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham; Neil Sinden, Policy Director; Henry Oliver, Head of Planning and Local Government, and Kate Gordon, Planning Officer, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

28 November 2005, HC 703-i

Witnesses: Mr Peter Williams, Deputy Director General and Mr Bob Pannell, Head of Research and Information, Council of Mortgage Lenders;  Professor Alan Murie; Peter Lee, Senior Lecturer, and Dr Ed Ferrari, Lecturer, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Birmingham; John Slaughter, Director of External Affairs; Paul Pedley, Executive Deputy Chairman, Redrow; Andrew Whitaker, Head of Planning, Home Builders Federation.

Press Notices:

13/06/06    Publication of Report

11/01/06    Final Evidence Session

6/12/05    Third Evidence Session

30/11/05    Second Evidence Session

23/11/05    First Evidence Session

11/10/05    Announcement of inquiry