ODPM Committee Press Notice

Session 2003-04  2 July 2004



The Committee has resolved to carry out an inquiry into Homelessness , with particular reference to the following issues:

• The overall level and the nature of need for housing for homeless people

• The success of policies meeting the needs of homeless households,  in particular

a) families

b) single people and

c) those who are intentionally homeless

• The adequacy of investment in housing for homeless people and the quality of accommodation available for them

• Factors affecting the successful implementation of  the Homelessness Act 2002

• The location of  provision for homeless people relative to where they live

• The balance of public investment in housing for key workers and homeless people

• Priority for the homeless within the overall allocation of social housing

• Whether the non-housing services provided for homeless people are adequate and are coordinated with housing provision

• Whether public agencies are effective in preventing people becoming homelessness.

The Committee invites written evidence on the points above and other relevant topics by Friday 17 September 2004. It is unlikely that evidence submitted after this date will be published. (Witnesses who wish their evidence to be treated in confidence should contact the Committee clerk in advance.) It should also be noted that decisions about who to call for oral evidence are likely to be taken on the basis of evidence received by this date.[The form which such evidence should take is set out below B please note in particular the restriction on length and that wherever possible it should be submitted by e-mail or on disk].

Oral evidence sessions will be arranged and will be announced in due course.

Contact: Ben Kochan, Committee Specialist 020 7 219 1342



Written evidence must if possible be submitted in an electronic format, either on disk or preferably by e-mail. It should be in MS Word or Rich Text format.  If sent by e-mail it should for this inquiry be sent to odpmcom@parliament.uk.  The e-mail must include a contact name, telephone number and postal address. The e-mail should also make clear who the submission is from. If sent by post it should be sent to the Clerk, ODPM Committee, Committee Office, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA. Witnesses without access to a computer are respectfully requested to take particular care that submissions are legible.

Submissions should be as brief as possible, and certainly no more than 3,000 words. Paragraphs should be numbered for ease of reference, and it would be helpful to include a brief executive summary. Those submitting evidence are reminded that evidence should be original work, not previously published or circulated elsewhere. Once submitted no public use should be made of it. Guidance on the submission of evidence can be found at http://www.parliament.uk/commons/selcom/witguide.htm

Further details of the Committee, including its current membership, can be found on the Committee's homepage at http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/odpm.cfm  Information about the Committee can also be obtained from 020 7219 4972.