ODPM Press Notice

Session 2002-03 7 February 2003


As part of its inquiry into the Planning for Sustainable Housing and Communities , the Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planning, Local Government and the Regions will be visiting Greenwich Millennium Village and Eastern Quarry, Dartford on Wednesday 12 February.

Committee Members participating in the visit to Greenwich Millennium Village and Eastern Quarry, Dartford are as follows:

Andrew Bennett, MP  (Chair of Inquiry)                        

Dr John Pugh, MP

Clive Betts, MP                                   

Christine Russell, MP    

John Cummings, MP                                                             

Gary Streeter, MP     

Chris Mole, MP                                                                      

Terms of reference for the Inquiry and the written memoranda of evidence received are available on the internet: http://www.parliament.uk/parliamentary_committees/odpm.cfm

For further information, please contact:

Ben Kochan on 020 7 219 1342