Session 2002-03 20 November 2002


The Urban Affairs sub-Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Housing, Planing, Local Government and the Regions will be hearing evidence for its enquiry into The Effectiveness of Government Regeneration Initiatives on the following date:

Tuesday 26 November


Anil Singh, Manningham Housing Association

Ted Cantle, Chair of the Community Cohesion Unity


Bob Collins, Director of Regeneration, Stoke Council

Bob Kerslake, Chief Executive of Sheffield Council

Lin Homer, Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council


Mrs Pauline Davis, Nottingham New Deal for Communities


Mr Mohammed Dajani, Sheffield First

Mr Vince Taylor, Sheffield First

Further evidence sessions for this inquiry will be announced shortly.

This evidence session will form part of a Committee visit to Birmingham, Stoke and Sheffield as per Press Notice 2/2002-03.

The evidence session will take place in public, unless otherwise decided by the Committee, in Sheffield Town Hall.  Those wishing to attend the meeting should check the venue by contacting the Committee Office Information Line on 020 7219 2033 on the day before the hearing or  contacting Sheffield Town Hall General Information Service 0114 272 6444 on the day before the hearing.

If you would  like a copy of any House of Commons publications, and did not submit written or oral evidence to the relevant inquiry, then you may purchase them from The Stationery Office, General enquiries tel no.0870 600 5522, or access them via the Committee homepage on the Internet

Contact: Libby Preston, Clerk Urban Affairs Sub-Committee 020 7 219 3290