Committee on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: Press Notice

Session 2005-06  8 November 2005


Fire and Rescue Service

The Fire and Rescue Service has undergone a period of unprecedented change over the last few years, especially since the publication of the Government’s White Paper, Our Fire and Rescue Service, in 2003 and the passing of the Fire and Rescue Services Act in 2004.

The Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry to examine:

1. The implications for citizens and the Fire and Rescue Service of

a. the introduction of Regional Control Centres, and

b. the introduction of and implementation process for FireLink radio services;

2. the progress that has been made on Fire and Rescue Service reform since the publication of the Government’s White Paper of June 2003, Our Fire and Rescue Service, and the Committee’s Report on the topic, The Fire Service, of January 2004.  In doing so it will consider issues such as

a. fire prevention,

b. institutional arrangements and reform, including transitional arrangements and finance, and

c. promoting diversity within the Fire and Rescue Service; and

3. joint working between the Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency services.

During its deliberations the Committee will have particular regard to civil resilience as far as it relates to the Fire and Rescue Service.

The Committee invites written evidence from interested organisations and individuals.  Those wishing to submit evidence are asked to ensure that their memoranda reach the Committee by Monday 19th December 2005 at the latest.  Decisions on whom to call for oral evidence are likely to be taken in part on the basis of evidence received by this date.

Witnesses who wish their evidence to be treated in confidence should contact the Committee Clerk in advance.

Contact: Jessica Mulley, Joint Clerk of the Committee,  020 7 219 3927/

Written evidence should if possible be submitted in an electronic format, either on disk or preferably by e-mail. It should be in MS Word or Rich Text format.  Your written evidence must include a contact name, telephone number and postal address. It should also be clear who the submission is from.  If sent by e-mail it should be sent to If sent by post it should be sent to the Clerk, ODPM Committee, Committee Office, House of Commons, 7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA. Witnesses submitting handwritten memoranda are respectfully requested to take particular care that submissions are legible.

Detailed guidance on the submission of evidence to the ODPM Committee can be found here:

Alternatively, please call on 020 7219 4972 to request a copy by post or email.

Further details of the Committee, including its current membership, can be found on the Committee's homepage at  Information about the Committee can also be obtained from 020 7219 4972.

Notes for  editors:

1. The Committee in the last Parliament looked into the Fire and Rescue Service in 2003. Its report on that inquiry, which was published in January 2004, can be found here:

2. The Committee expects to hold oral evidence sessions relating to the inquiry into the Fire and Rescue Service early in the New Year. Public meetings will be announced in advance.