Future of the Nuclear Industry in the North West €” evidence published

The North West Select Committee will publish the written and oral evidence submitted to its inquiry into the Future of the Nuclear Industry in the North West on 31 March 2010. All of the documents can be downloaded on the Committee web page here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmnwest.htm

The Committee is recommending that a future North West Committee appointed after the election should continue the inquiry.

Chair of the North West Committee, David Crausby MP, said:

"Unfortunately we will not have time to publish a Report before Parliament is expected to be dissolved for the General Election. However, we recommend that any successor Committee appointed in the new Parliament continue our work on the Future of the Nuclear Industry in the North West."

The inquiry has looked into:

€ the effect of expanding the nuclear industry on the North West, including the impact on: the economy, jobs, skills, local and regional business and the environment;

€ the role of regional universities and education bodies in supporting the nuclear industry in the region;

€ what support is needed to maximise the potential benefits for businesses in the region;

€ what improvements to the regional infrastructure will be needed, including during the construction phase;

€ what are the arguments for and against each of the proposed four sites announced on Monday 9 November;

€ what lessons can be learnt from earlier commissioning experiences; and

the role of regional bodies, and partnership arrangements between such bodies, in maximising the potential benefits and minimising the negative impacts of expanding the nuclear industry in the North West.