Northern Ireland Affairs Committee: Formal Minutes

Formal Minutes No. 4

Wednesday 26 October 2005

Members present:

Sir Patrick Cormack (Chairman)

Mr David Anderson
Mr Gordon Banks
Mr Gregory Campbell
Rosie Cooper
Mr Christopher Fraser
Mr John Grogan
Mr Stephen Hepburn
Lady Hermon
Meg Hillier
Dr Alasdair McDonnell
Stephen Pound
Sammy Wilson

1. Consideration of draft programme for Committee visit to Northern Ireland 28-30 November

The Committee considered a draft programme for the visit and the future programme of visits and witnesses.

2. Consideration of the inquiry into organised crime and criminality in Northern Ireland

The Committee considered this matter and agreed the terms of reference.

Resolved, that the Committee inquire into Organised Crime and Criminality in Northern Ireland, and that the Committee examine:

The nature of organised crime in Northern Ireland, the impact of organised crime on society and the economy in Northern Ireland, and the effectiveness of measures taken by the Government and relevant agencies to counter organised crime.

The Committee may also choose to examine other associated issues which arise in the course of the inquiry.

Alternatively, the Committee may wish to specify particular areas for examination, for example, extortion, cigarette smuggling, or oils fraud rather than having broad terms of reference as set out above.

3. Political and Security Developments in Northern Ireland

Rt Hon Peter Hain MP, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Jonathan Phillips, Political Director and Nick Perry, Director of Policing and Security. Northern Ireland Office gave oral evidence

[Adjourned till Wednesday 2 November at half past Two o’clock.