Formal minutes

Monday 28 February 2005 (afternoon meeting)

[The Committee met in the Board Room, Church House, Belfast]

Members present:

Mr Michael Mates (in the Chair), Mr Roy Beggs, Mr Gregory Campbell, Mr Tony Clarke, Mr Bill Tynan

The Committee deliberated.

Reconciliation: Ways of dealing with Northern Ireland's past:  Mr Michael Gallagher, Chairman, and Mr William Jameson, Treasurer, Omagh Support and Self Help Group, Mr William Frazer, Director, and Mr William Wilkinson, Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, were examined.

Mr Michael Potter, Policy and Research Officer, Training for Women Network, Professor Roy McClelland, Chairman, and Mr Oliver Wilkinson, Honorary Secretary, Healing Through Remembering Project, Mr Robin Wilson, Democratic Dialogue, and Mr Brandon Hamber, were examined.

 [Adjourned till Wednesday 2 March at half past Three o'clock.