Northen Ireland Affairs Committee: Formal Minutes

Session 06-07

Formal Minutes No. 12

Wednesday 14 March 2007

Members present:

Sir Patrick Cormack, in the Chair

Rosie Cooper
Mr John Grogan
Mr Denis Murphy
Mr Stephen Pound
Mr Sammy Wilson

1. Future business

The Committee considered this matter.

2. Correspondence

The Committee considered this matter.

3. Prisons

The Committee agreed to undertake an inquiry into prisons in Northern Ireland.

Terms of Reference

The operation of the Northern Ireland Prison Service, in particular to examine whether the existing prison estate is adequate and appropriate for the secure accommodation of Northern Ireland’s prisoners, and whether the Prison Service appropriately meets the health and education and training needs of prisoners. The Committee will also examine such other issues as may arise in the course of the inquiry.

 [Adjourned till Wednesday 21 March at half past Two O’clock