Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Session 2003-2004

1 March 2004

Social Housing Provision in Northern Ireland

New Sub-Committee meets Local Politicians in Parliament Buildings

The Sub-committee set up by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee to undertake inquiries into matters that previously fell within the remit of the Assembly paid its first visit to Belfast today and met local politicians to discuss social housing.

Speaking during the visit the Sub-committee Chairman, Mr Tony Clarke MP, said:

"The Sub-committee is embarking on an inquiry into issues surrounding the provision of social housing in Northern Ireland and we felt that it was vital to hear the views of the local parties right at the outset. The former Committee for Social Development in the Assembly undertook very valuable work in this area and made important recommendations. We want to build on that and identify what further needs to be done to meet the ever increasing demand for social housing in Northern Ireland."

The meetings with local politicians were informal and took place in Parliament Buildings. During the visit the Sub-committee also had informal discussions with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and with community representatives in Belfast.

Over the coming months the Sub-committee will receive both oral and written evidence from a range of organisations before presenting its conclusions to the Main Committee for endorsement and publication.  The Government is required to respond to a Committee Report within two months of its publication.