Northern Ireland Affairs Committee

Session 2003-2004

12 December 2003

Draft Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2003

The Committee has agreed to make available additional written evidence in relation to its inquiry into 'The Control of Firearms in Northern Ireland and the Draft Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2002' of Session 2002-03.

The Committee published a Report, HC 67 of Session 2002-03, on 4 February 2003 on this subject and has, since then, received the following documents:

• Letter from the Private Secretary, Northern Ireland Office to the Clerk of the Committee  (dated 13 October 2003)

• Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Office (dated 5 November 2003)

• Memorandum from the Northern Ireland Office (dated 13 November 2003)

These documents can viewed in the 'Continuing issues' section of the Committee's website.

Copies of the documents will also be placed in the House of Commons Library and can be accessed by Members of Parliament and their staff.