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Modernisation Committee Reports*

      Memorandum from Leader of the House on a reform programme for consultation [HC440] 12 Dec 2001 1st Report on Select Committees [HC 224] 12 Feb 2002     2nd Report on Modernisation of the House of Commons: A Reform Programme [HC1168] 05 Sep 2002    
House decision on Modernisation Committee Reports**         HC Deb 14 May 2002 - House of Commons approves Modernisation Committee Report [HC 224]     HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - House of Commons approves Modernisation Committee Report [HC 1168]    
Procedure at Division SN/PC/0612 Deferred divisions HC Deb 28 June 2001 - Deferred divisions - Sessional orders renewed             HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - Sessional orders renewed  
Programming SN/PC/0569 Modernisation: programming of legislation HC Deb 28 June 2001 - Sessional Orders renewed [HC 589]           HC 1168 - future of programming 29/10/02 - HC 1168 approved; Sessional orders made  
Carry-over SN/PC/3236 Modernisation: carry over of public bills             HC 1168 - carry-over of bills to be extended 29/10/2002 - House of Commons introduces carry-over on an experimental basis ( HC 1168 approved)  
Pre-legislative Scrutiny SN/PC/2822     Pre-legislative scrutiny             More draft bills encouraged - HC 1168 [paragraph 25-34] HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - HC 1168 recommendations on pre-legislative scrutiny approved  
Westminster Hall SN/PC/3939 Modernisation: Westminster Hall             HC 1168 - Cross-cutting question sessions and departmental debates HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - Cross-cutting questions approved; Sitting arrangements in Westminster Hall to be made permanent from start session 2003/04  
Sitting Times RP 02/41 Modernisation of the House of Commons: Sitting Hours             HC 1168 - Earlier Tuesday sittings HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - Early Tuesdays :trial period approved, to begin Jan 2003 until end of Parliament Early Thursdays to be made permanent with effect from start 2003/4 session  
SN/PC/2854 Modernisation: Sitting Hours                  
Public Bills and General Committees*** SN/PC/3718 Public Bill and General Committee: Pay for the Chairmen                  
SN/PC/4541 Modernisation: Public Bill Committees                  
Parliamentary Calendar SN/PC/4287 Recess Questions and September Sittings             HC 1168 -more predictable calendar HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - HC 1168 approved: September sittings approved  
Conduct in the Chamber & Length of Speeches               HC 1168 - more effective use of chamber HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - HC 1168 approved  
Public Access to information on and engagement with the Public SN/PC/3359 House of Commons: providing information and access for the public     HC 440 - Memorandum calls for Commons more open to public and press       HC 1168 - A more accessible Parliament HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - HC 1168 approved  
Written Statements, PQs and Notices of Motions SN/PC/4287 Recess Questions and September Sittings             HC 1168 - endorses Procedure committee recommendations on Parliamentary Questions HC Deb 29 Oct 2002 - S0s 21 and 22 amended; new SO created to permit written ministerial statements First Written Ministerial Statements issued [HC Deb 14 Nov 2002 c1WS]
Facilities for the Media HC 440 - calls for better facilities for the press
Scrutiny of European Business RP 05/85 The UK Parliament and European Business                  
Select Committees SN/PC/2725 Modernisation: Select Committees - pay for chairmen   HC Deb 16 July 2001 - motion to appoint select committees   HC 224 - Nomination Committee and additional chairmen's salary proposed HC Deb 14 May 2002 - House approves to refer chairman's salary to SSRB        
SN/PC/3161 Modernisation: Select Committees - core tasks                  
RP 02/35 Departmental Select Committees                  
Other SN/PC/2014 Modernisation Committee - Changes Agreed on 29 Oct 2002 Robin Cook replaces Margaret Beckett as Leader of the House of Commons     Liaison Committee Second Report 2001-02, Select Committees: Modernisation Proposals [HC 692]   The Liaison Committee takes oral evidence from the Prime Minister for the first time      
RP 05/46 Modernisation of the House of Commons 1997-2005                  
SN/PC/4542 Modernisation: Revitalising the Chamber                  

*HC paper number and date of publication given - where reports by other committees have considered Mod Com proposals or informed the work of the Modernisation Committee - these have been included.

**NB debates listed by date of publication of paper debated - date of debate shown in link

***Previously Standing Committees