Modernisation Committeee:1997-98

Date Library Briefings May-97 Jun-97 Jul-97 Oct-97 Nov-97 Dec-97 Mar-98 Apr-98 Jun-98 Jul-98 Sep-98 Nov-98

Modernisation Committee Reports*

      1st Report on the Legislative Process [HC190] 29 July 1997     2nd Report on Explanatory Material for Bills [HC 389] - 9 Dec 1997 3rd Report on Carry-Over of Public Bills [HC543] - 09 Mar 1998 5th Report on Voting Methods (Consultation Paper) [HC 699] 29 Apr 1998 6th Report on Voting Methods [HC 779] - 05 Jun 1998      
1st Sp Report - Work of the Committee: 1st Progress Report [HC191] 29 July 1997 4th Report on Conduct in the Chamber [HC 600] - 09 Mar 1998 7th Report on The Scrutiny of European Business [HC791] 17 Jun 1998
House decision on Modernisation Committee Reports**   HC Deb 22 May 1997 - debate on Modernisation HC Deb 4 Jun 1997 - motion to establish the Modernisation Committee and terms of reference HC Deb 13 Nov 1997 - House of Commons approves Modernisation Committee Report [HC190]       HC Deb 4 Jun 1998 - House of Commons approves Modernisation Committee Reports [HC 543 & 600] No debate in the House HC Deb 17 Nov 1998 - House of Commons approves the Modernisation Committee Report [HC 791] HC Deb 21 July 1998 - opposition day debate on Government and Parliament    
HC Deb 25 Jun 1998 - opposition day debate on private members' bills
Procedure at Division SN/PC/0612 Deferred divisions   30 June 1997 - Extra desk in Division Lobbies 23 July 1997 - naming of tellers (end to two-minute rule)         HC 699 - Consultation on Electronic Voting and alternatives published HC 799 - Responses to HC 699 published. Report concludes insufficient support for any of proposed changes   Government announce changes to format of Prime Ministers' Question  
HC 191- [paragraph 3-4]
Simplification/Explanation HC 190 - Explanatory material for bills proposed Simplified Order Paper introduced HC 389 - Explanatory notes for bills proposed
HC 191 - Order Paper simplification
Programming SN/PC/0569 Modernisation: programming of legislation   HC 190 - trial period proposed see HC865 1998/99 - Annex   HC Deb 13 Nov 1997 - HC 190 agreed              
1997-1999 bills
Carry-over SN/PC/3236 Modernisation: carry over of public bills   HC 190 - Committee approves in principle that Government bills may be carried over in certain circumstances     HC Deb 13 Nov 1997 - HC 190 agreed   HC 543 - ad hoc carry over motions proposed   HC 543 approved      
Pre-legislative Scrutiny SN/PC/2822     Pre-legislative scrutiny   HC 190 - Committee welcomes draft government bills & recommends choice of three mechanisms SN/PC/2822 - see Appendix   SN/PC/2822 - see Appendix              
1997-2004 draft bills
Westminster Hall SN/PC/3939 Modernisation: Westminster Hall                        
Sitting Times RP 02/41 Modernisation of the House of Commons: Sitting Hours                        
SN/PC/2854 Modernisation: Sitting Hours                        
Public Bills and General Committees*** SN/PC/3718 Public Bill and General Committee: Pay for the Chairmen                        
SN/PC/4541 Modernisation: Public Bill Committees                        
Parliamentary Calendar SN/PC/4287 Recess Questions and September Sittings                        
Conduct in the Chamber & Length of Speeches               HC 600 published   HC 600 approved      
Public Access to information on and engagement with the Public SN/PC/3359 House of Commons: providing information and access for the public                        
Written Statements, PQs and Notices of Motions SN/PC/4287 Recess Questions and September Sittings Government announce changes to format of Prime Ministers' Question                      
Facilities for the Media
Scrutiny of European Business RP 05/85 The UK Parliament and European Business                 HC 791-Scrutiny of European Business     HC 791 approved - Resolution made and Standing 0rders amended with immediate effect
Select Committees SN/PC/2725 Modernisation: Select Committees - pay for chairmen                        
SN/PC/3161 Modernisation: Select Committees - core tasks                        
RP 02/35 Departmental Select Committees                        
Other SN/PC/2014 Modernisation Committee - Changes Agreed on 29 Oct 2002                   Margaret Beckett succeeds Ann Taylor as Leader of the House of Commons    
RP 05/46 Modernisation of the House of Commons 1997-2005                        
SN/PC/4542 Modernisation: Revitalising the Chamber                        

*HC paper number and date of publication given - where reports by other committees have considered Mod Com proposals or informed the work of the Modernisation Committee - these have been included.

**NB debates listed by date of publication of paper debated - date of debate shown in link

***Previously Standing Committees