Monday 1 February 2010 at 5pm in Speaker's House


The Speaker, in the Chair
Sir Stuart Bell
Leader of the House
Nick Harvey
Rt Hon David Maclean


The Committee amended and agreed a report on Review of past ACA Payments, and appended to it Sir Thomas Legg's report and Sir Paul Kennedy's decisions on the appeals. It agreed that the report, together with further allowances and other information, should be published at 10am on Thursday 4 February. A statement for release on Thursday was agreed.

The Committee agreed that Members should either make the recommended repayments or enter into a written agreement concerning the phasing of such repayments not later than 22 February.

The Committee agreed that, where Sir Thomas Legg had increased the recommended repayment for a Member whose mortgage or rent documentation arrived late since the closing date for appeals, that Member should nevertheless have the opportunity to appeal against the increase in the recommended repayment, and that the opportunity to appeal should also be available to two other Members who had not been able to exercise a right of appeal. The deadlines would be 6pm on 2 February for giving notice of appeal and 6pm on 3 February for submitting grounds of appeal.