Select Committee on Regulators

Welcome to the webpages for the House of Lords ad hoc Select Committee on Regulators.

The Select Committee on Regulators has completed its inquiry and is awaiting a date for debate in the House.

Current Inquiry

UK Economic Regulators

The Committee published their report, UK Economic Regulators, on 13 November 2007.

The Government€™s Response to UK Economic Regulators report was received on 4 February 2008.


The Committee was established on the recommendation of the Constitution Committee in their sixth Report of Session 2003-04, The Regulatory State: Ensuring its Accountability.

The Committee's main function is to examine matters within its remit with which Parliament ought to be concerned, and to report to the House on its findings. The Committee's inquiry will lead to one or more reports, to be published together with the evidence on which they are based.