House of Lords Audit Committee

The House of Lords Audit Committee was established on 14 May 2002, by the House of Lords Offices Committee ( Fifth Report, Session 2001-02, HL Paper 105), following a recommendation from a Working Group on Management and Services in the House. The Committee€™s membership is appointed by the House Committee.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Audit Committee works are:

1. To consider internal and external audit reports and other material, and to assess management responses thereto;

2. To recommend to the Accounting Officer (i.e. the Clerk of the Parliaments) a suitable annual internal audit work programme and to monitor progress against the audit plan;

3. To provide advice to the Accounting Officer in the exercise of his responsibilities;

4. To evaluate the adequacy of the risk management system and the suitability of the control arrangements reported to it, and to advise the Management Board accordingly;

5. To monitor value for money, good financial practice, appropriate internal controls, and effective governance throughout the administration of the House;

6. To make an annual report to the House, to be submitted, in the first instance, to the House Committee and to be published with the House of Lords€™ Annual Report.

The Committee usually meets four times a year.