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letter to Lord Drayson (PDF), Minister of State for Science and Innovation, and Professor John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser, about the Government's principles governing the provision of scientific advice to Government. Report: Setting priorities for publicly funded research
    25 March 2010

    Report: Radioactive Waste Management: a further update
  • Press Notice: Greater urgency required in management of radioactive waste
    • 10 February 2010

      letter to Lord Drayson (PDF), Minister of State for Science and Innovation, about guidance governing the provision of independent scientific advice to government.

      8 January 2010

      Report: Nanotechnologies and Food

    • Press Notice: Committee criticises the food industry for failing to be transparent about its research into the use of nanotechnologies

      • 5 August 2009

        Pandemic Influenza.

        html or pdf. The evidence volume is available as a separate volume. Genomic Medicine. A Call for Evidence has been issued. Response (Command Paper Cm 7234) to the Report on Personal Internet Security, on 20 February the Committee announced that it would undertake a short follow-up inquiry. The Committee has invited those who gave oral evidence to its original inquiry and those who attended an inquiry seminar to comment on the Government Response. The Committee plans to hold a public evidence session with Government officials prior to publishing a report in the early summer. No general Call for Evidence has been issued. Response to the Select Committee follow up inquriy into Radioactive Waste Management. The Report is available as PDF or Html. What on earth? The threat to the science underpinning conservation. For more information see the Systematics and Taxonomy page. 10 January 2007

        Water Management Follow Up Report

        The committee published its follow up report on 11 January. It is available as a html


        The Committee's report on Water Management was published on 6 June 2006. It is available as html or pdf. The evidence is available as a seperate volume.

        The Government Reponse was received on 16 August 2006.

        A response from Ofwat was received on 6 September 2006.

        The debate was on 13 October 2006.

        pdf and html.