House of Lords Science and Technology Committee

Setting Science and Technology Research Funding Priorities

The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology launched an inquiry into the Setting of Science and Technology Research Funding Priorities on 31 July 2009, which will be conducted by the main Committee. The inquiry will investigate how decisions are made to fund research to meet societal needs; the balance of funding for targeted versus unsolicited response-mode curiosity-driven research; and how research is commissioned in Government departments and agencies.

The Call for Evidence (PDF) details the topics the Committee investigated.


The Committee's report on Setting priorities for publicly funded research was published on Thursday 1 April 2010.


Transcripts of oral evidence are produced after each meeting and then corrected, with revisions made by witnesses to correct errors or inaccuracies.

For further information on the inquiry please contact Christine Salmon Percival, Clerk to the Science and Technology Committee, either by telephone: 020 7219 6072 or by email: