The content on this page relates to the work of the Committee until the Dissolution of Parliament on 12 April 2010.

EU Home Affairs (Sub-Committee F)

Correspondence with Ministers - Archive

We scrutinise selected EU documents which we believe raise significant issues either by writing to the relevant minister or undertaking an inquiry. Listed below are reports on recent inquiries conducted by the Committee and letters to ministers on documents which we are scrutinising, or waiting for further information from the minister.

The Committee may also decide occasionally to look at non-EU issues which it considers important enough to bring to Parliament's attention (G6 Meetings of Interior Ministers)

Documents currently being scrutinised by the Committee are also published in Progress of Scrutiny. The Select Committee occasionally publish correspondence in separate volumes. Correspondence with Ministers, January 2006 to September 2006, 40th Report of Session 2006-07, HL Paper 187


The Committee has raised concerns with the Home Secretary. regarding Government's late response to correspondence and reports:

Letter from Lord Grenfell to Secretary of State, Home Office 16 November 2007

Letter from the Home Secretary, 12 December 2007

Letter from Lord Grenfell to the Home Secretary, 17 January 2008


Meetings of the G6 Interior Ministers at Stratford-Upon-Avon, 21 February 2007 and Heiligendamm, 19th July 2006

Schengen Information System (SIS II), 2 March 2007

Pr¼m: an effective weapon against terrorism and crime?, 9 May 2007

PNR Data / PNR Agreement, 5 June 2007

Illegal migrants: proposals for a common EU returns policy,
9 May 2006


Improving Policy Cooperation between Member States (Document 5284/06)

EUROPOL(Document 5055/07) (Chapter I - Document 10327/07) (Chapters II and III - Document 14593/07)(Chapters VI, VII and IX - Document 15336/07) (Chapter 1V Document 16452/07 & Document 6424/08

Data Protection Framework Decision (DFPD) - Personal Data (Document 7315/07 & 16069/07 + COR2)

Rapid Border Intervention Teams (RABITS) (Document 7647/07)

Residents Permits for Third-Country Nationals (Document 7298/06 & Document 12658/07)

Extending Provisions to Third-Country Nationals (Document 12166/07)

Standards for Security features and Biometrics in Passports (Document 14217/07)

Visa Information Systems (VIS) (Document 15142/05)

Visa Information System (VIS) under the Schengen Borders Code (Document 6970/08

Critical Infrastructure Protection/ Assessment (Documents 16932/06 & 16933/06)

Developing Strategic Concept on Tackling Organised Crime (Document 9997/05)

EC-Ukraine Readmission Agreement (Document 8977/06)

EC-Republic of Moldova Readmission Agreement (Document 12634/07)

Readmission Agreements with Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Yugoslavia, Macedonia & Serbia (Documents 11998/07-11202/07)

Scrutiny of EC Readmission Agreements

Extending scope of Directive to include refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary proctection (Document 10515/07)

Evaluation of the Dublin System (Document 10517/07)

Green Paper on the Future Common European Asylum System (Document 10516/07)

Proposal for establishing a European Migration Network (EMN) (Document 12481/07)

Proposal for Control Measures & Criminal Sanctions of new synthetic drug (BZP) (Document 11974/07)

Implementation of Decision 2007/ /JHA on Cross-Border Cooperation in Terrorism & Crime (Document 11045/07)

Cooperation between the Special intervention Units in Crisis Situations (Document 13534/07)

Minimum Standards for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (Document 15802/07)

Green Paper on Bio-Preparedness (Document 11951/07)

Third-country nationals for highly qualified employment (Document 14490/07+Add 1 and 2)

Single procedure for third country nationals to stay in Member States (Document 14491/07+Add 1 and 2)

Future of Frontex and the European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) (Documents 6664/08 & 6665/08)

Regulation (EC) No 1683/95 Proposal for uniform format for numbering of visas (Document 8595/08)

Proposal to amend regulations (Euratom, ECSC, EEC) No 548/69 (Document 10082/08

European Pact on Immigration and Asylum (Document 12626/08)

Communication: Report on Framework Decision of 24 February 2005 on attacks against information systems (Document 12056/08)

Commission Communication: strengthening the global approach to migration: increasing coordination, coherence and synergies (Document 14003/08)

EU-Australia PNR Agreement