Home Affairs (Sub-Committee F)

Asylum and Immigration

This has been an area in which Sub-Committee F has been particularly active. The Committee has conducted extensive scrutiny of EU immigration and asylum proposals. Examples include proposals on the development of the Schengen Information System, the removal of third country nationals who are unlawfully resident in the EU, visa policy, relations with third countries in the field of immigration and asylum, integration policy, and the admission of third country nationals for employment or research. The Committee has repeatedly criticised decisions by the Government to opt out of EU immigration measures. For recent Correspondence with Ministers, please click here.

A Report was published in April 2004 on Handling EU asylum claims, which examined critically proposals for determining some applications outside the country where the application was made.

A Report entitled Fighting illegal immigration: Should carriers carry the burden? published in February 2004 strongly criticised EU legislation requiring airlines to provide passenger data to national authorities in advance of travel.

A Report published on proposals for European border guards was published in July 2003.

Economic Migration to the EU (14th report, HL Paper 58) published 16 November 2005.

Government Response to 14th report

Illegal Migrants: proposals for a common EU returns policy
(HL Paper 166) was published on 9 May.

Government Response to Illegal Migrants: proposals for a common EU returns policy.