House of Lords EU Law and Institutions (Sub-Committee E)

Correspondence with Ministers - 2007


5189/04 Community Patent Court
and 5190/04: Proposal for a Council Decision conferring jurisdiction on the Court of Justice in disputes relating to the Community Patent

13852/04 Mediation in civil and commercial matters

5198/06 and 5199/06 Maintenance obligations

5203/06 Law applicable to contractual obligations (ROME I)

5463/06 Exchange of information extracted from the criminal record

5907/06 and 14486/07: Civil liability and financial securities of ship owners

7258/06: Acquisition and possession of weapons

8866/06 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

10755/06 Fundamental Rights Agency

11228/06, 11223/06 and COM(2006)331 - The Hague Package

11243/06 Judicial training in the EU

11356/06 Jurisdiction of the ECJ in Title IV matters

11434/06 & 13524/06 Prohibitions Arising from Convictions for Sexual Offences Against Children

11453/06 Index of third-country nationals convicted in the EU

11817/06: Conflict of laws in matters concerning matrimonial property regimes

11818/06 Jurisdiction and applicable law in matrimonial matters (Rome III)

12345/06 EU strategy to measure crime and criminal justice

13272/06: Preliminary references in the area of freedom, security and justice

14240/06: European Statistical Advisory Board

15536/06: Community Statistical Programme 2008-2012

16874/06, 5119/07, 5872/07, 7349/07, 7602/07, 8200/07 and 8545/07: Procedural rights during criminal proceedings

17010/06: Civil Service Tribunal Rules of Procedure

5118/07: Racism and Xenophobia

5325/07 and 14759/07: Recognition and supervision of suspended sentences and alternative sanctions

6192/07: Diplomatic & Consular Protection

6297/07: Protection of the environment through criminal law

6768/07: Population and Housing Censuses

7207/07: Third and Sixth Company Law Directives - amendments

8302/07: Enhancing the patent system in Europe

9692/07: EC accession to the World Customs Organisation

9871/07: Sanctions against Employers of Illegally-Staying Third Country Nationals

10089/07: General Policy on Cyber Crime

11559/07: Political parties at EU level and rules regarding their funding

11759/1/07 REV.1 and 11824/07: Accelerated preliminary reference procedure in FSJ matters

11771/07: Simplified business environment for companies in areas of company law, accounting & auditing

11788/07: Commission Report on the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant

12269/07: Common Frame of Reference

12668/07: Cooperation between the EU Fundamental Rights Agency and the Council of Europe

13025/07: Multiannual Framework for the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights

13407/07: A Europe of Results€”Applying Community Law

14094/07: Proposed Regulation on European Statistics

14253/07: The role of Eurojust and the European Judicial Network

14957/07: Commission Report on combating terrorism

14960/07: Amendment of Framework Decision on combating terrorism

Memorandum of Understanding between the Council of Europe & the European Union

EU terrorist asset freezing regime

Green Paper on Wills and Succession