A House of Lords Select Committee has been set up to consider the Constitutional Reform Bill and to report on the Bill to the House by Thursday 24 June 2004.

The Constitutional Reform Bill covers wide-ranging issues including the arrangements to replace the Office of Lord Chancellor, the creation of a  Supreme Court, and judicial appointments.


Lord Bledisloe

Lord Goodhart

Lord Carlisle of Bucklow

Lord Holme of Cheltenham

Lord Carter

Lord Howe of Aberavon

Lord Craig of Radley

Lord Kingsland

Lord Crickhowell

Lord Lloyd of Berwick

Lord Elder

Lord Maclennan of Rogart

Lord Falconer of Thoroton ( Lord Chancellor)

Lord Richard ( Chairman)

Baroness Gibson of Market Rasen

Lord Windlesham


The Committee is likely to take oral evidence on the Bill at twice weekly meetings until mid-May.  It will then consider the clauses and schedules and any amendments tabled by Members.  After the Committee has reported, the Bill will be re-committed to a Committee of the Whole House.

(If the Bill does not complete all its stages in the Lords by the end of the 2003−2004 session it is likely to be carried over to the 2004−2005 session of Parliament.)

Call for Evidence

Written evidence is invited on any aspect of the Bill. Evidence must arrive by Friday 23 April 2004 and should be submitted to Rhodri Walters, Clerk of Committees, Committee Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. Where possible both a hard (paper) copy and an e-mail copy should be supplied (e-mail:

Short submissions of no more than 4-sides of A4 paper are preferred.  Submissions longer than 4 pages should include a summary.

Evidence must be clearly printed or typed on single sides of A4 paper, unstapled. Paragraphs should be numbered and all acronyms defined at first mention. If drawings or charts are included, these must be black-and-white and of camera-ready quality.  Evidence should be signed and dated, with a note of the author's name and status, and of whether the evidence is submitted on an individual or corporate basis.  Only one copy is required. All submissions will be acknowledged.

Evidence becomes the property of the Committee, and may be printed or circulated by the Committee at any stage.  Contributors may publicise or publish the evidence themselves, but in doing so must indicate that it was prepared for the Committee.

Persons who submit written evidence, and others, may be invited to give oral evidence.  Oral evidence is usually given in public at Westminster, and transcripts are published.  Persons invited to give oral evidence will be notified separately of the procedure to be followed and the topics likely to be discussed.


1. The Constitutional Reform Bill [HL] 2003/04 can be found at:

2. The Explanatory Notes to the Bill can be found at:

3. At second reading in the Lords on 8 March 2004 a motion was agreed that the Bill should be committed to a Select Committee.

4. The Constitutional Reform Bill Committee home page is at:

5. Contact Details

Rhodri Walters
Clerk of Committees
020 7219 4911

Chris Ballinger
Committee Assistant
020 7219 6084